Our goal is to achieve and sustain our leadership among service providers within the industry of gas and horizontal directional drilling.













Our mission is to develop and sustain services which satisfy all our customers` requirements and needs.













In order to reach our goals, we are determined:
To do our work well, right from the start.
To train our staff.
To protect our activities ensuring the following principles:
Safety, Trustworthiness, Effectiveness, Ethical Practice and
Environmental Conservation.
To keep improving our way of rendering services.










ISO 9001 in Laying of Gas Pipelines and Low and Medium Pressure Distribution Networks.





ISO 9001 Horizontal Directional Drilling and related operation, equipment and facilities.







CIMA SA. – Solís 1853 (C1134ADM) Ciudad de Buenos Aires - Argentina

Tel fax: (011) 4304-0423 / 6750