Our company has executed numerous and various construction works in Argentina, such as:

Laying of polyethylene piping for optical fiber and telephony, using
Horizontal Directional Drilling system.
Laying of natural gas networks.
Laying of drinking water networks.
Construction of gas ducts and branch pipes.
Setup of natural gas regulating plants and complementary works.
Construction of apartment buildings, multifamily dwelling units, public
buildings, hospitals and schools.
Environmental remediation: sewage drains, wastewater purification
plants, and welling of water tables.
Laying of medium and high voltage lines, transformer substations and
public lighting.









Our company has laid more than 1.5 million meters of laid pipework for networks and gas grids.

In 1997, a Horizontal Directional Drilling division was created, aimed at managing this kind of services exclusively for the laying of underground ducts with no need for opening of trenches. Currently, we have four pieces of equipment for the execution of tunnels up to 300 long and 450 mm wide, involving minimal breakage of sidewalks and street pavement.

With this technology, we have laid pipes with different diameters and for different purposes, totaling over 177,700 meters, 61,200 of which were natural gas pipelines and 116,500 were channeling works for fiber optics, telephony and others.

The Register of Public Work Constructors of the Province of Buenos Aires has granted our company a work execution annual capacity of over Pesos $ 20,000,000.- and the National Register of Public Work Constructors, Pesos $ 32,000,000.-

By reason of its background, technical capacity, equipment and human resources, Cima S.A. is optimally able to render the best services, thus satisfying the needs of all our direct and indirect clients, both present and future.











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